An organ transplant

The other day as I was on my way out shopping with the girls at Southall escorts of, I bumped into a guy who was carrying a big sign. To my shock and horror, he was asking for a kidney for his wife who was in urgent need a kidney transplant. I was totally shocked and actually started to wonder what the world was coming to if we have now to ask for organ transplants. Was he doing anything illegal? He was not doing anything illegal at all, and when I took some time to think about it, I mainly thought about what he was doing s something a little bit sad.


Our society seems to be changing a lot recently, and I am sure that a lot of people can tell that things are not right. We have sickening long lines in emergency departments in the NHS, and last year when I had to go to emergency with my friend from Southall escorts, we had to wait four hours until we were seen. It was terrible and I would imagine a lot of old people would find that kind of treatment really disgusting. Like I said to my friend who had gone with me, I was really angry on behalf of the old people.


That is not the only thing in London which really upsets me. I hate to see all of the people sleeping rough as well. When drive around London late at night, you see lots of people sleeping rough. A couple of weeks ago. I went out on a dinner date with a gentleman from Southall escorts. We were served up lots of food and did not manage to finish it all. When the waiter came back, I asked if I could have a doggie bag. The gentleman I was dining with looked a bit surprised, but did  not say anything.


On our way out of the restaurant, I stopped by a couple of homeless people I noticed on my way in, and gave them the food. My gentleman was now a bit more impressed and told me that I had a nice heart. I hate seeing homeless people, and last year, I ran a blanket collection at Southall escorts so that the homeless got some new blankets. We waste far too much food in the world today, and we should not throw it away.


I have not always been that generous but I have learned that the more we do for others, the better our own lives become. If I had my way, and did not have to work for a living, I would leave Southall escorts and do some voluntary work. It may surprise you that I am  a big supporter of the Salvation Army. I think that they do some fantastic work and when I see them in the pub, I always give them some money. It is the right thing to do, and I think that we should all do more to help those who are not so fortunate in life. But seeing someone ask for a new kidney for his wife really got to me – what is going so wrong?