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Sex tip 167: For the sexiest blowjob, give his penis a tingling, ticklish sensation with this trick
Rimming, stroking, sucking — you've tried all the different ways to please your man with a blowjob. Sure, a simple blowjob itself can get his heart racing and prep you for a night of mindblowing sex, but these variations are what REALLY make the

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Do not let your relationship lead you into temptation

Cheating should never be an option in a relationship. If you feel that something is going wrong in your relationship, you should do something about. You may feel bad about yourself and looking for some special company, but cheating on your partner, is not the answer. I do date guys at London escorts who cheat on their partners, and from what I can tell, it is not doing them any good at all. Working for an elite London escorts agency is never easy as we are expected to be relationship experts.

Most gents I have met at London escorts who have cheated on their partners, have done so because they have felt angry with the partners. You do crazy things when you feel angry with your partner, and acting on impulse, can get you in all sorts of trouble. Sure, I can understand that you are angry, but feeding anger with anger does not do you any good. It can easily mean you end up losing control of yourself and your relationship. Do you actually want you relationship to end?

I am sure that many of the gents I met at London escorts, have not meant for their relationship to end. It is happened because they lost control, and before they know it, they are getting a divorce and being thrown out of the family home. In general, I think women are better at controlling their emotions when it comes to relation, but I do know London escorts who have lost the plot when they have had relationship issues.

London escorts are not perfect at all when it comes to relationships. Most of us have a hard time when things go wrong, but I would never consider cheating an option. Sure, I have felt let down by my partner at times, but I have not wanted to rush out the door and hook up with another guy for some cheap sex. Perhaps working for sexy London escorts has taught me a lot of good things after all. I cannot say that I expected that, but I am more mature than I used to be since I started with London escorts.

I used to lose my temper with my partner a lot, but since I learned how to control that, I think that our relationship is a lot better. He was jealous of me earning more money at London escorts, but I could not see that at first. But, like I said to him, it could have been the other way around, and he could have earned more money than me. He has come to terms with it now, and learned how to enjoy our life together. We have a nice home, and I do think that we are in for the long term. Who knows – we may even end up getting married, and I cannot believe that we have started to talk about getting married. To me, it just proves the point you have to work at relationships. And it is not about winning, it is about getting on with each other.